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 As a team, we support you from our first meeting to your appointment. The key to getting your next role is building a pipeline of opportunities, that’s exactly what we do.

As a company, we are ahead of the game, we don’t rely on job boards alone, if you know what it is you want, we will go out and get it. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we are making the most of every opportunity. Join our community of experts then get in touch to see how we can help.

We are different but different works!

What our clients say about us, no matter where you are in your journey we can help


Opening doors to multiple opportunities for Board Members, Executive Coaches & Consultants.


1-1 support from our professional team around the clock.

kool stories and boardwise

Boardwise & Kool Stories

“We were looking for someone with a strong background in finance to help us with our documentation and a Marketing Leader experienced in the edtech sector and scale-ups.

John has been super quick on understanding our requirements and finding the roles within one week from the first meeting.

The experience was great. Both of them brought a lot of value to the company.

We achieved what we needed, but not only that, we have found two wonderful people with whom we are willing to build a long term relationship. So far, I would recommend John Hall and his business to anybody.”

Jacopo Lai, CEO, Kool Stories


Sara Benjamin NED

“The role is a really good fit thank you so much for putting us together.”

Sara Benjamin, Turnaround Director & Kool Stories NED

Guilherme Winspear NED

“The boardwise team made the matching process quick and effortless, the role is a perfect fit for what I was seeking.”

Guilherme Winspear, Koolstories NED

This role came up in my feed, and then the whole process was quick – from the first introduction to the CEO at the Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs to the first board meeting, and it certainly feels like a good fit!

Sheryl Miller, NED at The Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs

Great service & understanding, opening to new opportunities.

Bill Mcallister, Business Consultant

The Role is a really good fit thank you so much for putting us together

Sara Benjamin, Turnaround Director & Kool Stories NED

I was told about NED roles within the NHS but I also liked being linked with other companies

Paul McNaughton, NHS Director

I was looking for CPD courses and my overall experience using Coursewise was excellent

Shani Shamah, HR Director

Coursewise were professional and had genuine interest in understanding my position

Steve Fudge, Project Manager 

About Boardwise

Boardwise was founded in 2022 with 1 purpose, to provide a valuable service to experienced professionals looking for their next opportunity.

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